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Cloud Services

Are you looking to rethink your IT infrastructure? Let the IT professionals at AMI show you the benefits that cloud computing has to offer. Cloud computing provides a vastly more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way for IT to meet the escalating needs of business today. Through virtualization technology, AMI provides solutions to assist you in developing and implementing a strategy that is right for you and your organization.

Cloud Computing


  • Hosted Microsoft Office
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Microsoft Exchange


  • Virtualize business-critical applications to achieve unprecedented flexibility and reliability
  • Maintain security, control, and compliance over your applications and data in the cloud
  • Drive significant savings by aggregating IT resources into large, shared, elastic pools of computing power and driving up infrastructure utilization

Because these services are hosted by AMI, you'll never have to worry about the management, maintenance or equipment that keeps them running smoothly - so you can focus on running your business. Call one of our IT specialists for more details.