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Co-location Services

Maintaining the security and integrity of a company's mission-critical data is crucial. AMI Co-location offers many advantages for keeping your company's data safe and available. Our service offering allows you to take advantage of the reliability, security, and redundancy that has been engineered into our data center's infrastructure.

Our state of the art data center is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment. AMI provides the most cost-effective way to run your applications in a highly available environment on your hardware and server equipment.

AMI offers co-location packages to fit most size businesses and organizations.

Each server space rented includes:

  • New APC redundant power and cooling equipment
  • Space suitable for placement of equipment from one (1) Rack-Mounted Server up to full-rack utilization. Equipment must be approved by AMI prior to installation.
  • (1) 10/100 Ethernet connection to AMI network facilities. Internet access is metered and firewalling services are available. Current facilities include multi-homed, redundant T-1 and fiber connections. Facilities and available bandwidth are subject to change.
  • (1) 20A receptacle for utility power.
  • 24/7 escorted access to secure facilities.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) provided under the terms detailed in the AMI Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Monthly and Annual Contracts.



Equipment ownership, operation, and maintenance are solely the responsibility of the Customer.

For additional information: email or call 877-262-2900.