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Dedicated Long Distance T-1 Service

Business communication with customers and clients can be mission-critical. That's why dedicated long distance service can be a beneficial and crucial part of a company's infrastructure. Dedicated long distance service from AMI allows business customers with heavy long-distance use to receive lower usage rates on a dedicated connection delivered over a high-performance digital communications network.


  • Significant cost savings for high volume users
  • Ability to achieve maximum network efficiency
  • Directly connection to carrier's high capacity fiber-optic network
  • No volume commitments


  • Ability to handle 24 simultaneous telephone conversations
  • Consolidation of outbound/inbound call traffic
  • Enhanced toll free features to better manage your business
  • Verified or non-verified account codes to track long distance expenses

Contact an AMI representative to see if dedicated long distance is a cost-effective solution for your company.