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Ethernet Solutions

Ethernet has long been used to transport data within Local Area Networks (LANs). Ethernet is now being used to transport data between LANs over longer distances. AMI gives you the ability to leverage the cost advantages of Ethernet in offering high-speed Internet access, MPLS-VPN, private line, and VoIP services. Because of the value and simplicity it brings to network configuration, Ethernet provides customers the ability to maximize network performance for IP-based voice and wide area network (WAN) services.



  • Reduces complexity of customer's network configuration
  • Reduces equipment interface costs
  • Allows connectivity with varying requirements thanks to flexible bandwidth levels and access options
  • Provides greater bandwidth efficiency by allowing customers to purchase only needed bandwidth

Access Options

Ethernet over Copper (EoCu): Ethernet over Copper uses DSL-conditioned copper pairs to deliver bandwidth speeds at a cost much lower than other technologies. EoCu service has a distance limitation of 10,000 feet from the local serving central office.

Ethernet over DS-1, DS-3, and OC-3 (EoTDM): Through our service providers, AMI can place equipment at a customer premise to convert DS-1, DS-3, and OC-3 loops to Ethernet.

Native Ethernet: Customers in certain locations may have the option to connect to an AMI provider's Ethernet network delivered via copper or optical cabling.

Ethernet over SONET (EoS): AMI's EoS service utilizes various encapsulation techniques to connect customer locations, providing a high level of security compared to other mechanisms for Ethernet transport.