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Level 3


Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) PRI

AMI's ISDN PRI service is ideal for growing and large businesses that need a cost-effective solution to provide simultaneous, integrated voice and data capabilities. ISDN PRI service offers digital clarity and an array of value-added features, such as calling number identification and call-by-call selection, that will enhance productivity. ISDN PRI service is utilized by a wide range of businesses in diverse industries including e-commerce, retail, call centers, financial firms, schools and school districts, government offices and more. Find out today if ISDN PRI service is the right solution for your business telecommunication and networking needs.


  • Ideal for businesses utilizing PBX telephony equipment
  • Lower voice and network costs
  • High-speed, high capacity digital connectivity
  • Higher level of service availability
  • Increased compatibility and expandability


  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)/Direct Outward Dialing (DOD)
  • Caller ID functionality (Name and Number)
  • Remote call forwarding
  • Failsafe Routing