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Network Performance & Management

Is your IT staff or support company investing more and more hours per month isolating intermittent VoIP and network issues?

Through our partner, PathSolutions, AMI offers a network performance & management solution that provides total network visibility by automatically monitoring the health and performance of every switch, router, server, and link in a company's data or VoIP network, regardless of size. AMI is able to provide the most thorough monitoring solution to help identify the root cause of network issues and provide the prescription to resolve these issues before customers become affected. Gone are the days of the lengthy troubleshooting process; instead, an easy-to-use visibility tool easily identifies and quickly diagnoses problems, providing customers with a more reliable and efficient data and VoIP infrastructure.


  • Monitors entire network (LAN and WAN)
  • Software installs in under 15 minutes
  • Runs on existing server or workstation
  • Performs Instantaneous network inventory and real time statistics


  • Determines the location and health of all network devices
  • Requires no additional hardware investment
  • Pinpoints root cause of problem and a prescription to fix the issue
  • Maximizes productivity and efficiency by quicker problem identification and resolution

Talk to an AMI technical professional to learn more about our more efficient approach to network performance and management.