Regulatory Fees & Surcharges on your AMI Phone Bill

Presubscribed Carrier Line Charge: This is a monthly per line access charge that is billed to customers with the amount based on the type of line. The FCC allows carriers to bill customers for a portion of the costs of providing access. Basically, the local providers are assessed charges that are passed onto the long distance provider, who, in turn, passes them onto the end-user.

Access Recovery Fee: This fee, in the amount of $4.95 per month, is in response to the increase in access costs by local exchange carriers. Assessing this fee helps ensure AMI's ability to continue to provide its customers with the quality of service and competitive pricing they have grown accustomed to receiving.

Federal Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee: A set charge assessed to help recoup the costs of Federal Regulatory Fees that AMI is required to pay. This charge is currently $4.77 per month.

USAC Administration Fee: This is a per month charge of $0.39 that is billed to each customer in order to facilitate the processing of Universal Service Funding Reimbursement requests with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).

SMS 8xx Number Storage: This is a per month charge assessed for maintaining and storing a customer's toll-free number(s) in the National Toll-Free database if applicable. This charge is currently set at $0.38 per toll-free number.

Federal USF (Universal Service Fund) Surcharge: This represents a mandatory contribution by toll carriers. Carriers are required to contribute to a fund that supplies financial support for telecommunications in rural and other high cost areas, schools, libraries and health care facilities. It is a percentage based fee that is based on the interstate and international charges on your bill. The FCC sets the USF contribution percentage and adjusts it quarterly.

FCC Regulatory Fee Wireline: A fee that is paid by Interstate Telecommunications Service Providers and passed onto end-users to fund the Federal Communications Commission.

TRS Information: Hearing and/or speech impaired customers can communicate with hearing customers through the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) offered by each state. All calls are confidential and billed at regular telephone rates. It is easy to use. Simply dial 711 from any phone or the state specific toll-free number on the link below to connect to the TRS. This service uses a trained third party communications assistant to enable communications between hearing and/or speech impaired customers and hearing customers. There's no additional cost to use the relay service and it's available 24 hours a day. All states distribute a range of specialized telecommunications equipment at no charge to customers who are certified as deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired and may need special telecommunication devices.

Please click on the the link below to visit your state for the telephone numbers to inquire about these services, or call AMI's Customer Service Center at 800-254-3202 and we will direct you to the correct number for help. TRS by State

Further information on charges, fees, and taxes may be found on the FCC's website at

Wisconsin Basic Local Service Tariff (PDF)

Rates, Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Illinois Local Price List effective 12/2/2013 (PDF)

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