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Teleconferencing Services

Experience a full range of conferencing services from AMI with a variety of options for managing call participation. Tailor all of our services to accommodate your meeting and maximize your audio/web conferencing experience.

Audio Conferencing

Self Service/Reservationless-Plus gives you the ability to host conference calls whenever you want. Just pick up your phone, dial your dedicated phone number, conference code and PIN to initiate your call. It's a great option for weekly status/sales meetings and emergency last minute meetings.

Automated Conferencing allows you to make a reservation for your call and conduct it without assistance of an operator. By dialing your permanent toll-free number and entering your passcode, you and your participants are immediately placed into the conference call.

Operator Assisted audio conference calling is a scalable, customized conferencing solution that lets you streamline and manage your most demanding conferences. An AMI Operator Assisted solution offers a variety of features so you can get the most out of your audio conferences. You will benefit from getting assistance from an expert and knowledgeable operator throughout your entire call as well as someone that can handle and manage all of your call's details.

Web Conferencing

Optimize business processes and empower your workforce with online collaboration using one of AMI’s web conferencing services.

WebEx Meeting Center

Through the utilization of the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center solution, desktop sharing through a web browser combines with phone conferencing and video so everyone sees the same thing while you discuss the business at hand. You bring key business associates together in real time to conduct regular meetings, thus increasing productivity and overall business performance.


  • Real-time sharing of information
  • Ability to take care of business more efficiently
  • Ability to hold important meetings without the travel time and expense
  • Accessibility via internet connection through your computer or wireless device
  • Ability to view participants in high quality video

Unified Meeting

Unified Meeting is the web conferencing system that combines common business tools into a single platform that lets you meet with colleagues and customers in remote locations in our own on-line meeting room, without ever leaving your office. Reliable and secure, Unified Meeting allows you to present PowerPoint slides, share applications, and survey participants all with the same impact and results as in-person meetings. This allows companies to meet more productively and more often without the time and expense of travel.


  • Reliable and Secure
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Always ready, no reservations required
  • No participant downloads, compatible with common business tools